The Power of Service

One thing I’ve learned in my thirty years as an educator is the importance of life-long learning. It’s why my mission is to foster sustained transformation in education. We are always able to improve, learn and grow.

As I think about the holidays and opportunities to serve all around us, I can’t help but reflect on the students we have the privilege of serving each day.

This month, as we enter the season of giving, our focus is serving where you are. I want you to approach the notion of serving in a fresh, new way.

As educators, serving is not something we do when we have it all together – when we obtain a higher level of education or work in a trouble-free environment. Serving is a daily commitment to be fully present, to leverage our own talents to support the development of our students’ gifts.

This continuous student-educator partnership gives us a platform to impact the community and world.

When we are dedicated to the daily work of nurturing the gifts within our students, we enter a state of serving that never ends.

Serving is cyclical. We commit daily to use our gifts to steward the next generation, who will use their gifts to contribute to the greater good of our local and global community.

The world needs you. Your community needs you. Your students need you to advance humanity by bringing your whole heart and mind to the table each day with the purpose of giving back. Thank you for giving of yourself always – not just waiting for a special time of the year. Indeed, serving goes beyond the boundaries of the classroom or schoolhouse and reaches the very hearts of those we encounter daily.

I’d love to help you #servewhereyouare with personal coaching for you and your team.

Join me at The Summit on PLC at Work®

Plan to join me January 28-30 at the 2019 Summit on PLC at Work® in Phoenix, Arizona. I’ll be speaking alongside other leading experts from Solution Tree, with the goal of helping you build and sustain a strong, collaborative Professional Learning Community. You’ll leave ready to #servewhereyouare!


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