she carries both her spiritual and philosophical beliefs into every endeavor she encounters

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I met Regina in the spring of 2003, as a recent graduate seeking employment at the local high school. I had the good fortune of meeting her when she first started her journey into understanding the Professional Learning Communities (PLC) philosophy. Our time together, in those first years, would cement a mentorship and friendship. Her passion for learning and sharing that knowledge with others was only matched by her passion for the success of the students she supported. She believes to her core in the personal development of every person that she meets and I believe this is why PLC resonated so well with her. In my career, I had one other opportunity to work directly with Regina and that was when we started an online program to support our school district. Watching her create this program, work out the systems, and build the necessary relationships was awe inspiring. She carried both her spiritual and philosophical beliefs into every endeavor she encountered. This meant that no matter what, she put those she served both students and staff first while adhering to the philosophical principles of PLC.

Regina has been instrumental in supporting my growth, serving as a sounding board and a guiding light as I have navigated the changes in both my career and personal life. Through her I have seen how important it is to stand firmly in your beliefs placing your faith in your spiritual foundation and seeking to continuously expand your own knowledge. My work with her introduced me to Professional Learning Communities which I have found has greatly influenced how I approach working in the educational environment. I jokingly say I don’t know how to operate any other way. The idea of choosing to pursue instructional technology as a career was sparked through our conversations about my personal development and my passions. I am forever grateful for the times I have worked side by side with her as we sought to create a school that served the whole student and a program that offered endless opportunities for creativity for both students and teachers.