relationship, resiliency and respect

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The three words that describe my partnership with Regina are relationship, resiliency and respect. My relationship with Regina started over 25 years ago as I was a campus principal and she was a high school English teacher in Longview Independent School District. Additionally, at this same time, I was also her son’s principal and our daughters were enrolled in the same 3rd grade class. Our relationship connections were as colleagues, mentor-mentee, and finally and still, friends.

The word resiliency comes into play with all the ups and downs (professional and personal), victories and challenges we faced as educators, women in leadership and as wives and mothers trying to do it all and make a positive impact in the lives of others. Though we faced many obstacles, we overcame them with the “bounce-back” that is inside of us. Regina definitely has exhibited the resiliency and fortitude to keep moving forward in her professional life and life in general.

Finally, the word respect describes the mutual admiration we hold for each other and the place of honor and esteem for our professional work and the difference we have made in the lives of many. I have the highest regard for Regina as she is a consummate professional, woman of great faith and integrity and I am so blessed she’s my friend!