Inspiration – Becky Dufour

As we prepare for the PLC 2019 Summit, my heart is overflowing with gratefulness. A year ago Becky Dufour, a dear friend and mentor stood at the back of the large ballroom as I gave my keynote speech.

Although she will not be present tomorrow, as I look around the room full of educators and those who care about education, I know her work continues not only through me but many others.

Inspiration takes many forms. Sometimes it is a photo, a song, or a still small voice. For me, it is a sweet memory of a kind spirit who was sure to notice all and never ever give up. She was simply beautiful inside and out.

So for all in attendance at the PLC 2019 Summit, we a mission to fulfill and a message to deliver. Every child in our care is worth fight for. Becky Dufour believed in each of you and worked hard to prepare a place for you – even though she did not know you by name. Today, I call you forth! Educators – take your place, inspire your students to learn, expect them to better humanity, and demand their very best.

In memory of my dear friend, Becky Dufour.

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