Leadership: A Matter of the Heart

 I’ve always thought of February as a month of emotion. My thoughts and activities are centered around ways I can express to my family and friends how deeply they are loved. As I’ve come to know how the people in my life think, what they appreciate and how to best meet their needs, I take time to select the gifts that will benefit each recipient. 

Education, in its truest form, is an emotional undertaking that involves trial and error, struggle and success .

Students are at the center of our calling to educate, and the relationship we foster with them is essential to their capacity to receive the knowledge we share and use it to carve a path for their future. 

This month, our focus is the heart of education. One of our main goals as educators is to always be connected to the heart of what we do or to the students we have been given the privilege to teach. 

I’m continually inspired by the perspective of Timothy Kanold in his bestselling book, Heart

“The heart of our classrooms, our school and our district seems to be the way we should measure our professional journey. Otherwise, why would we choose such a relationally intense profession, a profession that calls for understanding the role the heart plays? 

As a classroom teacher, principal and district administrator, I’ve found that education works best when we get to know the learner and design the education experience to their individual needs. When this happens, we personalize the education connecting passion to purpose.


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