5 Transformative Questions Educators Should Ask

It’s the small decisions we make every day that produce the greatest transformation.

Sustained transformation will not take place without intentionality. 

To experience continuous growth year after year, we must have deliberate systems in place that directly support reaching our goals.

My goal is to foster sustained transformation for teachers, administrators and school districts around the world by engaging their hearts and minds. 

I am continually encouraged by educators who work tirelessly to improve our craft. 

To help you combine your desire for growth with action.  I’ve designed five questions to support you in intentionally aligning your behavior with your beliefs.

As you approach this new year,  consider these five transformative questions:

  1. Am I seeing the needs around me?  Commit to do the things you can do. Does a student in your room need extra encouragement? Can you provide an opportunity for a student to learn more in an area of expressed interest?
  2. Do I have a mentor’s mentality? Set a goal to build a relationship with your students and use what you learn to position them for success as a contributing member of society. Who can you take under your wing? 
  3. Am I studying my students? The more you learn about the giftedness of the children in your world, the better you’re able to help them find their purpose.
  4. Have I wiped the slate clean? See each student and situation with fresh eyes. Don’t take yesterday’s troubles into today.
  5. Am I taking the long view? As you do the daily work of nurturing your students’ gifts, remember the big picture. The choices you make today will help them positively impact the world tomorrow.  

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